David Attenborough Contact Details, Phone Number, and Email ID

David Attenborough

David Attenborough is a popular British broadcaster and natural historian. He is a well known personality, popular for his work in educational TV programs specifically the nine-part Life series. In the United Kingdom, he is a household name, thanks to his dedication for the nature and environment.

He is the brother of Richard Attenborough, a popular actor, and filmmaker who died in 2014. In this article, we have provided contact information of David Attenborough including office address, house address, and more. So, let’s see!

David Attenborough
David Attenborough

David Attenborough Mailing Address / Postal Address

To contact David Attenborough through the mail, you should have his accurate and exact postal address, also known as mailing address. Please try to make your letter to the point and short to make it easy. If possible, try to include self-stamped envelope (SASE) to make it easy for him. Please find his mailing address below:

David Attenborough Productions, Ltd. (Production Company)
5 Park Road
Richmond, Surrey, TW10 6NS
United Kingdom

David Attenborough Phone Number / Contact Number

If you are excited to talk with Mr. Attenborough about his program or other things related to nature, please use his office telephone number. It is possible that, he will not be available on his office phone. You can leave your message to his production house office in that case.

As of now, we do not have his production house telephone number. We will update this section as and when we get his number.

How to Request David Attenborough Autographs through the Mail?

If you are a big fan of him and looking for his personal signed photograph, please send your request to his office address. As always, do not forget to attach self-stamped cover / envelope, also known as SASE to get quick response. This is the best practice to get any celebrity’s autograph in the UK or anywhere in the world.

Mr. Attenborough is very kind and most of the time send out his signature / autograph to fans worldwide.

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Article first published on April 4, 2020.

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20 thoughts on “David Attenborough Contact Details, Phone Number, and Email ID

  1. Plz provide me with Sir David Attenborough’ email address or his own YouTube Channel if possible.
    Much appreciative.
    Youssif Jassim

    1. Hi, I’m a Native American from New Mexico I wrote and sang a video would you please watch it on YouTube. “Mother Nature has tears in her eyes” by Steve Ortiz

  2. I am hoping that whoever reads my comments, can pass them on to David Attenborough’s Agent, if not David himself.

    We just settled down to watch BBC4 programme “Deep Oceans” and we just could NOT hear Sir David’s commentary. We had to turn the sound off and use sub-titles.

    No, we are not old, or deaf. just fed up with this continual background noise. I also refer to June Saga Magazine about this background noise.

  3. Dear Madam / Sír,
    Could you please help me how to solve to work out some alternative solution instead of the above recommended „include self-stamped envelope (SASE) to make it easy for him.”

    The reason why I’m asking this is that I live in Hungary and our National Post Service turned me down when I asked a quotation for posting David Attenborough’s book accomplished a cover envelope which should be prepaid and after He has signed it for one of my friends as a big surprise, they should post back to Budapest to my address.
    I have sent some request for quotation to a few express delivery companies and I really hope they can solve it, but in case they would also turn me down, could you please let me know some alternative solution for my above issue. ( paying by credit card, pay pal, or other methods like transferring money maybe to David Attenborough Productions, Ltd. (Production Company)…

    Thank you in advance for your help. Awaiting your response.
    Kind regards,
    Istvan Horenyi

  4. Hi, we are in Australia & have filmd Australian Wood Ducks bringing there babies out of the nest, the ducklings jumping out of the log in the tree. The mother hatched out a batch in April & has just hatched out another lot today, August. She lives here & has the opportunity to leave but she is quite happy & doesn’t want to leave.

  5. Dear David Attenborigh
    I am the father of Dr. Anthony Waldron, currently lead of a Cambridge team costing international bio-diversity. I am an artist.
    I am talking with various others, including the Worshipful Company of Painter Stainers (I am a freeman) about launching an exhibition of Tiger compositions/paintings towards collecting for the WWF or other suitable charity towards saving these beasts.
    As part of my own painting, I am building in an observatory box in 3D with portraits of yourself(front), Anthony (side) and writer Robina Towers of the USA (side) who had a tiger as a pet.
    If this comes to fruition, covid permitting, I hope to arrange an art exhibition of these works for sale, with half proceeds to the artists and half to the WWF. I would welcome your support in this venture as it works in parallel with your obvious passion for all things in nature.
    I hope to hear from you in due course.

  6. hallo
    I am Christopher Davies and I have Downs Syndrome please could you help me to contact Greta Thunberg .As I admired her speeches very much and it would be so great if she could email me.

  7. Dear David, I have enjoyed your many programs for so long I want to thank you.
    In this Virus situation may I suggest that in order to suppliment the arts all your programs
    are translated by a student to every language and “sold” so that they are viewed by many
    and in particular children worldwide. Make as much as possible to as many as possible.
    I also hope that the sharing results in an inclusive international sharing of nature for
    children everywhere. They will know that they all share the future and the responsibilty
    for it. Australia Heather Frost

  8. Written in the Mabula Game Park in South Africa

    The long grass stirs in the gentle breeze
    A perfect stage amidst a tapestry of trees
    Suspended above is a canopy of blue
    Shuffling the clouds to create wonders anew.
    There are rhythms and sounds from unseen musicians
    begging our senses to seek their expert tuition
    Natures curtain of camouflage then begins to unfold
    A hypnotic treasure trail more precious than gold.
    There is love and learning from events that are tragic
    In this theatre of life called Mabula magic
    Carried by the breeze of forever’s sorrows
    Born from the womb of despairing tomorrows
    Raised by dedicated but ignorant hearts
    Labelled mans achievements our wildlife departs.

    Conservation is the only plan, the next endangered species in man.

    Don Hawkridge

  9. I have just sent the following message to Southampton City Council and Keep Britain Tidy because I am fed up with seeing the amount of Litter piling up everywhere in our country and no-one actually understanding why it is getting worse!

    To whomever it may concern 
    Dear Sir or Madam 

    Do you folks at Southampton City Council know that putting the word “LITTER” on a bin does NOT< NOT<NOT get people to put waste materials into the waste bin? 

    Putting the word "LITTER" on a bin does however act as what is known as an "Imperative Subliminal Command" upon people's subconcious minds (especially children and weaker minds still in development).
    This actually reinforces the desire to drop the waste material on the ground and just forget about it, because that is exactly what "LITTER" means! 

    It is exactly the same as putting "Push" or "Pull" on a door, or telling a dog "Sit!", or putting "STOP" on a highway sign. 

    And what is more, the more often a person sees a bin with the word "LITTER" on it the more likely they are to litter over and over and over again until eventually they will keep doing it without seeing the word "LITTER" 

    It would be far better to put some kind of slogan like "CLEAN, TIDY & GREEN Southampton" (or "London" or "Bedfordshire") on the bin because these are another set of more subtle "Imperative Subliminal Commands" that will do 2 things to people's subconscious minds. 

    Firstly, people are being told that Southampton is CLEAN, TIDY & GREEN by the relevant local authority and secondly the very subtle command structure is telling people "You there, CLEAN, TIDY & GREEN Southampton for us, now!" as opposed to "You there, LITTER all your rubbish all over the place for us now!" 

    If you are sceptical about this then ask a psychologist, psychiatrist or even a Hypnotist like Paul McKenna and they will tell you exactly the same because it is the truth about all Imperative subliminal commands.

    Especially when they are reinforced even more by the fact that it is usually backed up by some kind of Authority figure symbolism like the local borough or town or city's coat of arms or some similar Authoritarian symbolism that is in effect saying "We, the elected District authorities (of Southampton), are telling you to "LITTER" and do it now!" 

    Yours respectfully 
    Roy Smith  

  10. Hello all.
    I am an inventor and I have do many idea and help to the climate change ,overpopulation , smog , …
    And in more theme!
    please help me get to David this letter

  11. whoever is reading this is there any possible chance to get David Attenborough’s email id?

  12. I like David Attenborough, but I do have a little bone to pick with him. He said of the Earthshot Prize for the best environmental project ideas, which he helped to launch, “Anyone can enter, even crackpot ideas are welcome.” Only the way the selection of candidate entries are structured, none but the most connected of corporations or influential of people can find their way to a portal to submit their idea. Access to all of the chosen selectors/judges is hidden behind so many privacy firewalls that even a single email addy can’t peep through it to find out where to send their project concept. Undoubtedly Earthshot will get some superb ideas. But the best of them, the ones that ordinary people might suggest, are completely excluded.

  13. Hello
    If you could please pass this on to Sir DAvid Attenborough.
    Dear Sir David, I have recently read your new book and read the movie. I am horrified to think of what could happen in the next twenty years alone. I have also watched a good show on ABC iview “Saving Planet A” and it also provides us with some solutions.
    I am in Australia and am disgusted at the rates at which our government allow logging and the use of fossil fuels.
    Sir David, you are a gift to this earth and I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for the natural world. If the likes of politicians don’t listen to you, who else can share such wisdom and experience, and make more efforts to save our world?!

    1. David is not going to leave the planet in devastation you’ll be glad to hear. However what you won’t be glad to hear is how it’s going to be saved and that is through globalisation in which Our beloved David is involved and with him is Prince Charles, global governments through this vaccine (COVID 19). These people will self select the vulnerable, elderly, depopulation is beginning!!!!!! And. New wold order is on the horizon.
      I invite you David, and anybody else to deny these facts!

  14. Dear Sir David Attenborough, I watch BBC World News and caught the segment with yourself and Antonio Guterres talking about what urgently needs to be done to save our planet, and I agree with what you say, but no-one makes any mention of rockets being sent to the Moon and on the way to Mars and the possibility of commercial flights to space stations; surely all these are damaging our ozone layer too or am I not getting this whole thing?

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