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AstraZeneca plc is a Pharmaceutical firm. It is a British-Swedish multinational firm which was started from 6 April 1999. It used to provide the medicines for the diseases like gastrointestinal, inflammation, cardiovascular and many more. From all the largest pharmaceutical companies, it is one of them. It’s corporate headquarters locates at Cambridge, United Kingdom. You can buy the medicines in UK at affordable prices. It serves products in all over the globe.

The company has several listing in Nasdaq New York, Bombay Stock Exchange and so on. It further includes on National Stock Exchange, Nasdaq OMX Stockholm and so on. MedImmune is the subsidiary company of AstraZeneca. Let us quickly get to the contact information of AstraZeneca  from the below given sections.


AstraZeneca Headquarters Contact Information

Here, the headquarters office contact details of Barclays are provided. Who all are interested to get the details regarding the the AstraZeneca, then please use the provided contact details. The headquarters address is 1 Francis Crick Avenue Cambridge, CB2 0AA United Kingdom.

If you resides at the long distance from the office, then let us make you to know that, the headquarters office also provide you the details using their contact number. Their contact number is 44-08-0783-0033.

Let us visit the official website of AstraZeneca which is

AstraZeneca Contact Details

If you want to consult with the UK based Medical Information team, then here is the phone number: 0800 783 0033.

Please, copy down the UK Marketing Company contact number which is 0800 783 0033. Checking down the email address and i.e.

The online order of medicines is also possible. To know about the availability, ordering and delivery of products, here is the dialing number 0800 0320501.

Let us get a chance to contact the media relations of AstraZeneca. The phone number you can use is 0207 604 8000.

You can join to the UK Media Team at +44 (0) 1582 836307.

Social Media Accounts

The social media accounts will make you to know about the every little new launches of AstraZeneca. The social media accounts of AstraZeneca are LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. You can follow AstaZeneca at the available accounts.

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Article first published on February 03, 2021.

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